Seeing another life for designer wedding dresses, broken mugs and other stuffs

Published: 16th November 2011
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Our society likes easy solutions, which is why it's quite common for used things to end up forgotten in the attic or waiting in the garage to get tossed. It's because leaving things be is easier than figuring out a useful way to utilize them after you're done with them. But is it really? If you take the time to think, you just might find out that coming up with a way to give your things a second life is only a matter of minutes, you just have to do it. Think of anything right from designer wedding dress to the toys your kids broke down can be a helpful and useful in one way or other. There is no question of time or not being brand new, just a matter of finding the right person to appreciate your used items. But before you move on to finding those right people, you have to prepare for the parting step. Designate an afternoon or two to looking through the attic, the spare bedroom or wherever it is you're keeping all the items tat are no longer used by your family, and also take the time to look through your closet, kitchen cabinets and linen closet, as there sure are some bridesmaid dresses, coats, sweaters, pots and pans, sheets and other items there that haven't seen the world outside their storing space in years. After doing so categorize them accordingly.

One pile should be for the keep items, one for the toss and the rest will be for giveaways. You may think that since you're supposed to give the items a second life there is no point keeping any of them, but think of all the movies were the brides and bridesmaids get vintage designer wedding dresses from their moms and grandmothers, or where the daughters search the attic to find clothing treasures from twenty, thirty years back. If you have clothes that are in exceptional shape and have a daughter or a niece, or if you still love your wedding gown, keep those items in protective boxes and move on to the rest. And in case if you are not emotional about these things and find no one to give them in your family, its better you give them in charity since you do not use them anyway and they get a deserving person to use.Everything that is broken and awaiting repair for longer than a month, everything that cannot be repaired anymore or is stained and thus lost for your wardrobe should get tossed. But before doing that, think if you can use it somehow. Old towels can be great help in the garage cleaning, mugs without handles can serve as replanting pots and ripped jeans can be cut into shorts and turned into yard work apparel, so get creative and reuse what can be reused, remembering that if you can't figure a second life for an item, it's time to get rid of it for good

After keepsakes are packed and safely stored and tosses are at the curb, you'll be left with items that are in good shape but ones you have absolutely no use for, like some old bridesmaid dresses, clothes your kids grew out of, books that are doubles of what's on your shelves. There is no way giving them back to your place or simply throwing them in the waste, its better you ask your friends if they can use them anyway or put them for yard sale or give for charity . Whatever your choice, though, give yourself a specific deadline in which to get rid of those items from your house, or you'll end up with them sitting in the garage or the attic, waiting for another five years to be taken care of.

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